Feb 09 2015E&A Spotlight: Heather Kliefoth

Meet Heather Kliefoth, our production expert at Emily & Ashley

Heather 2

First Thing You Do When You Wake Up in the Morning: Snooze for a good 30 min.....Check instagram and twitter once I open my eyes.

Favorite Thing About New York: Food!

Office Snack: Skinny Pop, Peanut m&ms or Whatever I brought for lunch that day.

Describe Your Personal Style: Work out clothes/comfy and casual

Style Icons: I copy off of Emily and Ashley.

One Accessory You’re Never Seen Without: My Emily & Ashley baby pendant

What is your favorite charm from Emily & Ashley: Baby pendant, My small heart charm hanging from my id, and I love the arrow

Favorite Gemstone and Why: I love Emeralds and Opals. Emerald is my birth stone. Opals are all gorgeous and not one is a like.

Favorite NYC Restaurant: Sojourn & Rubirosa

Favorite Vacation: Paris

What Are You Looking Forward To Most About the Spring in NYC: Sitting In Central Parks Sheep Meadow with friends (and wine)

What Do You Do to Unplug: Running and Soul-Cycle


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